What Are Top Producers Saying?

Why Do You Stay at Big Valley Mortgage?

When I assimilated my branch operation into Big Valley Mortgage in 1994, it was based on a confidence that, regardless of business conditions, we would survive the storm. Having trained Kurt Reisig as a rookie loan officer in the 1980’s, I also knew that his personality and the “corporate culture” would be supportive.

Nearly two decades have passed since then, the business conditions have been violent at times but the company has thrived in spite of the turmoil. As with any company, there have been changes in staffing and management over the years. I am very encouraged by the fact that in spite of the changes we have not compromised our culture.

We need loans and we need to do them better and faster than the competition. Big Valley Mortgage is VERY good at that. But we also need people. Good people who know their job, respect one another, and
have the maturity to recognize that we are all in it together. If you care about quality and you desire a sense of community in the workplace, BVM is the company for you.






David Ryland
Dean of Loan Originators, Since 1979

I stay at BVM because the company is originator focused and always does right by the consumer. We do what is in the best interest of the Loan Officer when making major decisions that will affect them and we always go above and beyond for the client. The support from upper management is why I stay. We have a full team always pushing to help us close our loans that are not producing and can focus on supporting us! The heart of BVM can be felt throughout each office and the culture is why I stay.





Heather Hunter
Senior Mortgage Planner

Why Did You Choose to Work at Big Valley Mortgage?

I have been a lender for the past 13 years. I started in the Silicon Valley in the small high-end town of Los Gatos. When I first started, I really did not know what to expect from any mortgage company, but since then, I have been through eight different companies. This has been an advantage to me and I believe it is how I ended up here at Big Valley Mortgage.

In my past years, I have been with quite large mortgage companies and banks, never a broker. I have had folks promise the world to get me to join them, only to find out I was just another number to them. Big Valley will be my final stop in the Mortgage biz as long as they will have me, for many reasons, but one stands out the most to me, and will always hold my feet firm here, they make me feel like family!

To have an environment where I do not feel like I am competing with the LO next door is priceless in this biz, because the fact is, we are all competitors, but the management environment from the top down, make us all feel like we are a team here to support each other.

Of course we cannot be successful without having successful products and BVM has these as well. We have almost all the loans available out there and the resources (scenario desk) to assist each loan officer
through each program. The rates are competitive enough to win against competing rates, but of course we lose some here and there to rates. But again management never likes to see a deal go away and more than we do. They will work with you to do what it takes (short of losing money) to win the deal.

As all companies, BVM is not perfect and never will be, but as a team, we strive to be the best we can, and it shows. I am proud to be a part of this team and the real estate community knows our reputation. I actual like to mention what lender I am with, imagine that ………

I know you see a testimonial and you say, “yeah, yeah, yeah”, I have heard all the promises of a great mortgage company before, well so Have I !! But come see me in person, as we talk over the desk, you will see in my face and hear it in my voice, this is my home!





Rob Popham
Senior Residential Mortgage Consultant

The reasons that I came to Big Valley and remain with the company have to do with the culture and the ability to run your own business within the framework of the overall company structure.

While no company is perfect, Big Valley Mortgage was my choice because of some conversations with Kurt, who is the embodiment of our culture. From the top down it was clear that we are here to have an environment where we can succeed as individuals in our business, and the individual is respected beyond the dollars and cents of the business we produce. It shows up in the content of the loan officer Summits as well as the day to day interactions between the Big Valley teammates.

I value the opportunity to utilize the resources and financial foundation that APM has to offer as the underlying strength for my own personal business. There is support and encouragement to build our brand, grow our business and still have the individual touch that is unique to our own business model. We have great people and a great platform to use to succeed at a level of our choosing.






Des Lenz
Senior Mortgage Consultant

The list of real benefits working with Big Valley Mortgage is substantial.

  • Management is supportive and helpful to get you where you want to go
  • Management is always reachable and ready to lend a hand
  • Urgent matters will be helped by management
  • New Programs always in the works to make BVM a LEADER in purchase business . . . example KOT for fast closing and now even a Pre-Approval KOT
  • Pre-Approvals can be pre-underwritten in a timely matter
  • Able to communicate with processing, underwriting, funding directly to get answers fast
  • Management has daily review meetings on difficult loan issues, which allows a potential problem’s outcome known and answered in advance. This is outstanding.
  • Local Lender with direct communication in all departments. This is huge!
  • Excellent Reputation in the market place
  • Pro-Active in the Loan Process . . . BVM is always working to improve and stay in front of the market and competition.
  • Offices are wonderful and good environment
  • Outstanding and friendly staff that are all hard workers
  • Equipment and Technology that is needed is provided
  • Processing and Assistance are outstanding and work hard to get loans through timely
  • Education always available and very good
  • Bridge – on-line access to underwriting guidelines is immediate for answers
  • Help Line – to ask questions and get answers quick
  • Technical Help on site with computer and technology needs
  • Marketing is exceptional and will do whatever they can to help you succeed
  • Marketing specialized help with your own systems and ideas
  • Marketing offers quick turn-key items to reach your customers
  • High Pay
  • Simple and easy to understand pay structure and timely/accurate payments
  • Excellent HR Benefits
  • Management and Employees are extremely knowledgeable of the mortgage business, professional, pro-active and hard working to meet the goals and expectations of our clients and customers.

My experience so far has been exceptional. . . . in every way. I have a great appreciation for a company that works so hard to offer assistance in any way they can to make each individual LO the best that they can be. Most importantly, it is obvious that the whole management staff believes in BVM and their people; working to make the work environment happy, fun and thriving. Impressive is the honest and hardworking management and employees that have come together for one common goal, to close loans quickly and efficiently for a demanding realtor/client environment, which is extremely competitive. I feel privileged to be a part of Big Valley Mortgage and the entire team, which are real professionals and great individual people. I would enthusiastically recommend anyone to Big Valley Mortgage that has the same professionalism, work ethic and human kindness.





Kristy Ruhkala
Senior Loan Officer

I came to Big Valley Mortgage because a former co-worker at the time, Kristy Ruhkala suggested that I take a look at BVM. Kristy joined the BVM Team approximately eight months before I decided to make the switch. During my interview process which was about three months long, I was able to meet several people who worked in different capacities at BVM. Each person stressed that the customer service and “team” work environment was outstanding and each of the people that I spoke with really enjoyed working at BVM.

I officially started at BVM on 6/1/2013 and my experience has been extremely positive. I have closed every purchase transaction early or on time since joining the BVM team. The realtors that I have partnered with have been extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency in which we are able to close their transactions. We have closed several deals in 14 days start to finish! The inside staff has been fantastic and very supportive of me since I joined the team. I am always able to speak to someone regarding a process or a loan question and I receive the answer quickly. Managers are always available to discuss scenarios, time frames, pricing etc. and have been very helpful with my transition to BVM. I look forward to a long career with BVM.






Chris Leichus
Loan Consultant

I came to Big Valley Mortgage over three years ago after receiving a call to consider an affiliate position within a real estate office. Big Valley Mortgage has aligned the company for this great opportunity and it certainly has proven to be beneficial for myself. My business volume has increased year over year for the
three years I have been here. I continue to make more contacts with real estate professionals and have the luxury of being ingrained in their office. I have received a tremendous amount of support at Big Valley Mortgage and at our bank, American Pacific Mortgage. The “make sense” underwriting approach, along with the fact that our leaders come from origination backgrounds, enhances my business in this competitive industry. I would recommend Big Valley Mortgage for other loan originators as a great place to plug in and grow their business.

Tara McCafferty
Reno Branch Manager/Loan Consultant